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Heart Of Ukraine Ministries


Heart of Ukraine Ministries has a number of existing and historical ministries on site in Ukraine, mainly in the Vinnitsa Oblast (state), and in the city of Vinnitsa.  Below are Rehabilitation specific ministries along with a number of basic ministries we have been or are currently involved in.




David’s House Rehabilitation Center  -  To read more . . .   

Stage 1 - Rehabilitation Ranch:   . . . 

Vinnitsa City Homeless Shelter/Rehab Center  -
To read more . .
Stage 2 - Homeless Shelter/Rehab Center – Vinnitsa, Ukraine:  . . .    

Rehabilitation Long Term Housing  - 
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Stage 3 - Rehabilitation Center(s) – Village / Town:  The goal is to operate a number of small rehabilitation centers out in villages or towns within the Oblast.  Clients, who have successfully progressed through the levels at the Rehab Ranch Center and the Homeless Shelter/Rehab Center, will be given the opportunity to continue their rehabilitation programming to the next step at these centers.  The centers will be a more open center where one of the main goals is to reintroduce the client back into their home community and to prepare them for their final release/graduation.          

Rehab System & Goals  -  To read more . . .
·         Basic Rehabilitation Progression:  Although this ministry is still
     in its earliest stages we do have a goal for rehabilitation that
     drives us.  Explanation of levels.

·         Association of Rehabilitation Programs:   Rehabilitation, especially successful and effective rehabilitation, is still very new to the country of Ukraine, and especially the Vinnitsa area.  We hope to create a Rehabilitation Association so that all who participate in rehabilitation work can join in and share resources, improve working knowledge, and to share successes and brainstorm solutions for problems.    


Church For You  -  To read more . . . 

Upon coming to Ukraine, nowhere in our sights was the thought of starting a new church.  A series of unrelated events caused us to begin praying about being part of a new church.  Slowly God began to impress upon us this new aspect of His ministry for us here. 

  • It’s Beginnings
  • Becoming a Church
  • Locations
  • Baptisms
  • Calling Members & a Pastor
  • Sermons
  • Evangelism
  • Church DNA
  • Heart of Ukraine Ministries Support to the Church

Small Groups  -  To read more . . .  

After spending a few months living in Ukraine we began to notice that people, especially the younger generation, were hungry for Bible teaching that was life applicable and not steeped in ‘control.’ 

  • Spiritual Gifts Class:  After much prayer and careful consideration, in February 2008 we held our first Bible Study in our home.  The topic was Spiritual Gifts, which is not really taught or explored here.
  • Summer Small Groups:  As summer comes it is normal for people to head out to the villages.  Often any small group we have finds the numbers dropping some and so we often go to more informal type meetings. 
  • Women’s Small Group:  After returning from our Sept/Oct 2008 USA visit, Laura was approached by a number of women and young ladies about a Women’s Bible Study, so in November a Monday night women’s small group was started. 

English  -  To read more . . .     

  • English Class/Club with Following Bible Study:  In coordination with International Partnership (IP) we have taught English classes since 2007.   
  • English Tutoring:  Laura tutors English on a one-to-one basis with several students and provides a business English course for a local computer programming company.   
  • Nanny Training:  In 2009, while still living in Vinnitsa, Laura provided a weekly training session to a number of young girls who would travel to the USA to be nannies for 1 ½ - 2 years. 

Rehab Educational Focus  -  To read more . . .

Heart of Ukraine Ministries is focused on sharing information and informing the government, business owners, churches, and public about substance abuse, homelessness, and rehabilitation, along with related topics like AIDS, abortion, or prostitution.   

  • Media
  • College Students
  • Women’s Issues
  • Community Conference 

Building Relationships  -  To read more . . .    

Relationships are critical in any work, but especially in Ukraine.   Heart of Ukraine Ministries has developed a wide base of relationships with the following:   

  • Vinnitsa City Government
  • Region and Village Governments
  • Local Churches
  • Business Owners
  • Individuals
  • Homeless & Needy
  • Addicts and Their Families

Historical Support of Rehabilitation  -  To read more . . .     

In addition to the plans we have for our own ministry of rehabilitation in the Oblast (state), we want to support and encourage rehabilitation efforts that are currently in operation.


Additional Historical Outreaches  -  To read more . . .  

  • Prayer Walk:  front of the Vinnitsa City Government (VCG) building downtown.  At first we attracted lots of attention . . .
  • Goodness Children’s Reception Orphanage:  This ministry ended in December 2008 when a new Director at the center forbid us to work there because we were not Orthodox. 
  • Children’s Stories:  SLAVIC was two (2) years old and had been at the center the majority of the summer (2008).  His head is pointed and appears to be deformed since his birth. . .
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