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Heart of Ukraine Ministries Facebook

This is where we post journal entries, the latest activities, and lots of pictures, and where you can communicate with us the easiest.


Mark Bohanan Facebook personal

Laura Bohanan Facebook personal




[email protected]
[email protected]

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Calling from America: 

Marks Cell:  011-38-093-876-6032

Lauras Cell:  011-38-063-390-8904   or   011-38-068-590-3648

Davids House Rehab Center (landline)   011-38-043-333-9245


NOTE:   These  #s include the Ukraine Country Code (011-38).  If calling via Skype, choose Ukraine as the country and it will automatically add the country code.


When in the USA:  (916)  pending




Mark:   MarkBohanan

Laura:  Laura.Bohanan


NOTE:   Mark & Laura are living at Davids House Rehab Center and have a cell phone modem for internet. It can sometimes handle a Skype phone call but doesnt handle a video call.  If you would like to talk with them via Skype, it is best to prearrange a time/date so they can arrange access to a different computer and internet system.




USA:    Heart of Ukraine Ministries

            P.O. Box 60126

            Sacramento, CA 95860


Ukraine (cards & letters only): 




.  8


Mark & Laura Bohanan

c/o Davids House

8 Pershotravneva Street

Homootenci, Ukraine 22426



Note: It is recommended to NOT send packages or financial support to the Ukraine address through the regular mail as the mail system is extremely unreliable.  See the Support Us  tab for further information if a package or financial support is your focus.

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