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Soon we will be feeding the homeless again . . . winter is coming.  We hope to serve hot soup and bread more often than last year.  There have been some changes at the Salt Warehouse where we fed the last few years - please pray we can continue to use the location to feed.  


Harvest Complete


This year's harvest was good and bad.  We had rain almost all summer and fall, which was great for some crops but bad for others.  Great onions, garlic, cabbages, herbs and cucumbers, but very bad for potatoes, red and white beets, white beans and other plants that need lots of sun. 

David's House Rehab Center

There have been a lot of improvements at the center this year: water was brought into the house and a water heater installed; the front fence should be finished before winter, some additional upgrades to the electrical system and box, as well as some new pens out in the barn.  



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